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Don't waste your time to fit a prepaid model to your decoration. 

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Why make emreguney.com do 3D models for you?
  1. emreguney.com offers optimum complexity with best appearance. This approach in 3D models is the right choice for architectural 3D visualization. 3D model collections and books are expensive and that models force you deal with unnecessary complexity. So they overload your scenes, grow your file sizes and greatly increases your render time.
  2. Ordering a 3D model from emreguney.com is cheaper than shopping online 3D and even cheaper than 3D model books or collections. Those 3D CD collections are full of unnecessary overloaded scenes and models. You pay much and you get less. 
  3. Don't waste time searching for furnitures suit your decoration. You choose what to put in your scene and make me done it for you. Pay for piece you want, pay when you want it!
  4. There is a selection to pay even less if a raw (no material) model is OK for you. If you need a model with assigned materials please tell me which materials to use or send them with your email. Or with note feature on Paypal payment screen.
  5. No worries, no hesitation! My presizes are eligable without checking your objects difficulty.
  6. It is easy and fast to order a 3D model from emreguney.com
    I accept globally approved payment option PayPal. Please select your model type below and hit Buy Now button. Afterwards, send me an email with your instructions, visuals or technical data of the object to be modeled.
BONUS: Send me three customers, get one model free!

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Don't hesitate to ask anything. You can either comment to this post or email me from the contact button on the upper right corner. This service is brought to you by Emre Guney, an interior designer specialized in 3D visualization. 12 years of 3D experience.